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A warm welcome to Massage and Bodywork in North Devon.

Lorraine Horton is an experienced provider of Advanced Massage Therapy and Bodywork.  She works in a variety of settings and with a wide range of people.  Her approach is highly client-centred.  Lorraine’s passion for massage led to the establishment 13 years ago of Meridian School of Massage & Bodywork - an organisation in the Midlands which supports and trains others who want to become skilled and knowledgeable massage practitioners. Moving to Devon 4 years ago saw the establishment of Devon School of Massage and Bodywork. Courses are fully accredited and offer high quality, student-centred teaching.  Advanced courses are also available for those already qualified.   

Here you will find details about:

Me – background, history and the values that are important to me in my massage and bodywork practice

Massage and Bodywork Treatments - a description of the various approaches available

Specific Work for Specific Needs - Including work with learning disabled people, with people experiencing mental ill-health and with children and young people

What happens in a session? - if you are new to massage therapy or are new to me,  you might want to know what to expect and how the session is conducted

Training in Massage  - a guide to the accredited training Diplomas we provide for those wanting to become Professional Massage Practitioners; to our advanced training programme for qualified practitioners and to our informal introductory workshops for those  wanting to use massage with family and friends or to attend a taster of what the Diploma might be like.