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About Your Practitioner - Lorraine Horton

Massage, for me, began whilst I was travelling in South East Asia over 20 years ago – I tried it – I was fascinated by it.  I came home and began to receive regular massage which was enormously therapeutic on many levels – so the next natural step was to train in it!  I love, and have much passion for my work and life with massage. 

Since then I have developed my own complementary therapy practices, working in a variety of settings.  I work with a wide range of clients, all seeking to meet their own individual and very different needs through massage and bodywork therapy.  I am as enthusiastic about wanting to work with someone’s frozen shoulder or painful lower back, as I am about supporting someone experiencing clinical depression, or someone wanting time out to relax.  I am also employed by the NHS to provide touch therapies for learning disabled clients with whom we need to find different ways of communicating and connecting.

In 2003 I established the fully accredited Meridian Professional Training in Massage School where we support others to train to a very high standard in this amazing work.  It is a privilege to witness students’ own personal growth and their journey towards becoming highly competent Massage Practitioners themselves.  I previously worked within the area of Advocacy and rights – issues of equality and diversity continue to underpin my teaching and practice.

My own training started with the London School of Holistic Massage many moons ago and since then I have trained and studied various approaches and styles of massage – and continue to do so.  I bring all of this knowledge and experience to individual client sessions so that, with the client, I can ensure that this is a session tailored to meet their own specific needs – a dedicated client-centred approach.