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Holistic and Therapeutic Massage (HTM) in North Devon.

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage (HTM) offers a mixture of soft to deep tissue and remedial work.  It comes with a knowledge of applied anatomy, physiology and pathology and is supportive of clients’ emotional and psychological needs.  A variety of strokes are employed in order to achieve this, including soft and deep tissue massage.  They may be accompanied with stretches, joint mobilization and movement techniques.  Rhythm, depth and pace of massage strokes change depending on the client’s needs.  It is a ‘listening’ massage with the strokes flowing into one whole, holistic approach.  The aim is to soften and release muscle and associated tissue and enhance well-being.

How may HTM help you?

There is a wide – indeed infinite – range of clients with their very different needs who want support from Massage for their well-being with their varying conditions – from chronic muscular tightness, joint pain in any area of the body, to fibromyalgia, from stress-related symptoms, to bipolar syndrome, from tendonitis (such as tennis or golfers elbow) to carpel tunnel syndrome, from autism to a need for time out.