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Where To Go For Massage

It's an really understandable dilemma:

“I need a massage, but don’t know where to go”

or perhaps,

"What form of massage might be right for me?"

Throughout this website you will see details of the different approaches in massage that I am trained and experienced in, such as:

In truth, the first session includes an initial consultation and so depending on the information you give, we discuss the best approach for you – which may include a combination of techniques and approaches.

So its fine to simply say "I need a massage but don’t know which one" and through talking together we decide how best we will work.

As to where, the choice is yours. I recommend you do your research and make sure you're comfortable and confident that the Massage Therapist you eventually visit is qualified, experienced and able to provide the treatments you require.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat about therapy options - there is no obligation to book (though or course you can do that too!) - but the important point is that you find a therapist with whom you connect and feel you can work with.