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Why Massage?

Massage is one of the oldest ways of supporting the body to naturally heal and support itself.  Good quality and skilled massage is for everyone.  Touch is so valuable and important.  We are all aware of the quality of touch that we receive during our life – light, heavy, supportive, nurturing, sensitive, aggressive, caring, loving.  Given unconditionally and with skill, touch can be empowering and soothing, nurturing and affirming.  It can support you with physical, psychological and emotional conditions and impairments and, some feel, spiritual needs too. 

Holistically, it respects and acknowledges our whole body – after all, everything we have is connected – we are a whole person, though, of course, sometimes we don’t feel it.  Massage, using quality touch and intention, can support us to feel acknowledged as this whole person that we truly are – warts and all!