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Integrated Myofascial Therapy (IMT) in North Devon.

Integrated Myofascial Therapy (IMT) – Advanced Remedial Work is a remedial and specialized physical, yet holistic therapy that affects and releases the restrictions within the fascial network. There is a postural assessment, and this together with information from what can be felt and sensed with the hands determines the treatment.  Areas of discomfort can be treated directly, and associated restrictions in the fascia felt elsewhere in the body are treated as well.  The client will feel sustained but gentle pressure and stretch in order to affect the restrictions.  It works on the basis that the mind and the body work in conjunction – that they are one.  Personally, I think this is an amazing therapy and I often integrate it into massage work, as well as provide solely IMT sessons which are being requested more and more.  One client described it as ‘a counselling session for the body without words’ – a good description!

What is fascia?

It is connective tissue.  It surrounds, permeates, cushions and protects everything in our body.  Imagine that you have an overcoat just underneath your skin – it fills the whole of your body and has many, many pockets.  Inside each pocket is a single muscle or organ or bone etc.  The coat is one, uninterrupted tissue holding it all together – it is continuous from head to fingers and to toes.  For example, our liver is very heavy – something needs to hold it in place otherwise it would fall to the groin! That’s connective tissue.   Fascia is very strong yet is flexible – it puts up resistance to trauma/tightness/stress (internal and external) in order to protect.  This can be a physical, emotional, psychological and/or postural trauma.  As a result and over a period of time, the tightened fascia creates lines of tension 3 dimensionally throughout the body resulting in internal structures being pulled out of alignment.  This in turn can put pressure on nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels.  So potentially causing pain and discomfort local to the trauma but also in other areas of the body. 

Advanced IMT Training:

  • Breast Health
  • Abdominal Scarring and Adhesions
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) (jaw)
  • Spine and Sacrum

How may IMT help you?

Sometimes ‘memories’/traumas can become locked into the fascial system and manifest themselves in physical pain.  MFR can support the client with the physical and emotional element of the trauma gently but at a deep level.  Client’s come with many different conditions, often in chronic pain having previously tried many different therapies.