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Reflexology in North Devon.

reflexology devonReflexology is an age-old holistic therapy based on the principle that the organs, glands and systems are reflected on the feet and hands – known as reflex points.  For example, when you treat the big toe by applying gentle pressure there is a related effect in the head area and all it contains.  Treating the whole foot, therefore, can have a relaxing and self-healing effect on the whole body.

How may Reflexology help you?

For each person the effect is unique.  It treats the ‘whole-person’ not merely a series of symptoms.  It can have a deeply relaxing effect and therefore can support you and your body to deal with stressful times.  It is not a diagnostic tool, but after dis-ease or dis-order the body is often in a state of imbalance.  Reflexology can be used to support and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and so encourage healing.