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Reiki in North Devon.

reiki in devon Reiki is the act of offering nurturing touch to comfort, to relieve pain or just to ‘be with’ someone, is instinctive – quite simply this is the beginning of Reiki.  When we spend time attuning into Reiki energy (some call this universal energy, others call it ‘chi’, others ‘prana’), it awakens our ‘memory’ of this energy that it is around and within us.  We all have the ability to support others to self-heal (and indeed to support ourselves) – Reiki has the ability to increase and direct this – a bit like fine-tuning into the required wavelength on the radio.

How may Reiki help you?

It has a holistic approach.  Above all it promotes a sense of peace and calm – of relaxation and de-stress.  In a state of deep relaxation many people experience a sense of tranquility, self-healing and a heightening of their well-being.  The person receiving will always determine how best Reiki will help – this may be on a conscious or sub-conscious level.  It is an act of kindness and compassion between the two people working with it – the therapist and the client – without the use of words; quite simply through their unspoken, gentle connection and touch.