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Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage (RDTM) in North Devon.

Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage DevonSimilar to Holistic and Therapeutic Massage but includes postural and range of movement assessment as appropriate together with specific remedial and post-injury techniques to support healing and recovery.  As with all techniques, this is a ‘listening’ massage – deep tissue and remedial techniques are applied slowly and with awareness in order that I work with the soft tissue and muscle rather than ‘at them’ or bully them – they will not submit, merely set up more trauma. A slow and deep approach enables the muscle to ‘allow’ me in, and so to go even deeper.   No pain no gain, is not necessarily true!  Good pain as opposed to ‘bad’, sharp pain is however possible!  And we know that some people want to feel this

How may RDTM help you?

Well – again a wide range of clients request support with their conditions with remedial and deep tissue work – including those listed for HTM – in addition condition relating to sports and other injuries.  Our muscles can become tense and tight as a result of repetitive daily living activities – such as sitting all day, standing all day, continually working on computers, using an area of our bodies again and again repetitively – we then build up permanent patterns with our posture which in turn affects other areas of our body which then need to compensate for the area that is under strain and tension.  The aim then is to look at the cause, work with the affected area and the compensating areas – to soften, release, relieve and support self-injury and recovery.