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Working with People Experiencing Mental ill-Health in North Devon.

There are very many reasons why we might experience mental ill-health. We know that 4 in 10 people will experience some form of mental ill-health during their lifetime – this could be any one of us.  Again, touch work is an important way of working with emotional and psychological difficulties – without having to talk.  Talking is great – so counselling and psychotherapy can be an extremely helpful support.  However, our bodies ‘feel’ our emotions too and sometimes we can divorce these dual aspects of ourselves – our mind and our body.  Bodywork acts as a connection between the two – ‘a counselling session for our body without words’ as one client described it. 

Massage also enables us to get back in touch with our bodies and that it is valuable.  This has to be done, of course, with a great deal of sensitivity as sometimes the very thought of our body can be difficult and traumatic – particularly if it has been traumatised in some way.  But it is possible to reconnect, with gentleness, slowness and connective sensitivity – and a therapeutic relationship that develops trust and respect with no conditions or expectations about outcome.  It just ‘is’.

Where appropriate I work in conjunction with clients’ existing professionals – with clients and, if appropriate, carers permission first.